Is It The Fitnah of Covid-19?

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb


The Fitnah of Covid-19, Is this true?

        Regarding the phenomenon called Covid-19, or I often mock it with name as “Covfefe”, I see many illogical things about it. The more I try to find, the more I believe that this thing has many fake elements. So much lie. Global elites, especially from Big Pharma, World Bank, WHO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Vaccine Companies sponsored by Rockefeller group, one of 13 big families of Illuminati secret society play a big part to make this inalienable drama. I’m still so aware and conscius with the allegation of Man-Made virus created in Wuhan Lab. Why does China Government show to Indonesia and the world the faster version of vaccine, Hello? What really happened in Wuhan? How can a video of falling people because of covid in Wuhan come to Indonesian medias? Hmm…

          Ya Rabb,  I hope that You always give my family and me protection from this fitna, drama and fear mongering phenomenon. Aameen, Ya Rabb. When I was in March, I read so many online users from Indonesia and USA especially from Q Anon supporters worldwide. I have inserted their link as online users in twitter before through some old online posts here. I was quite scared, to be honest, but, since July, I finally believe that there are many fake elements on this issue. Not all issues about it are totally fake. I mean, it’s good to wash your hand with soap (not anti bacterial soap) and drink herbal, but should we use mask everyday, hard to talk to others because of social distancing or do rapid and swab tests to go by aeroplane and train? Alhamdulilah, it means that we finally see that covid’s not as horror as we have known so far.

May Allah SWT destroy global elites and whoever supports the  error of those death.

I see two online users who show several things. I forget which online users they are, but, thanks for your amazing informations. First is the global calendar of conspiracy in 2020 from Q Anon supporter. I finally knew that second edition of pandemic will happen because of that calendar. Astaghfirullah. And today, in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, we have a second local version of quarantine called “PSBB or Social Scale Limitation”. It only happens in a province of capital city. I also have said it on an online post before here.

Second is the government plan version of covfefe mitigation. I don’t know what to say about the title bout it, but, I see the plan from March-July. May Allah SWT let the good people live in this nation. It’s hard to believe that they have plan of economic awakening, but, it was right there on an online user. I do believe that Indonesian Government tries to defend theirselves against Global Elites because global elites have capability to destroy us economically and physically.

Those two things I mentioned above is such meaningful information to notice what’s really going on here. Thanks to Allah SWT who make myself see some online users who uploaded them online. My deep gratitude to you all. Take a bow~


Some Signs

Those high ranking officials know what’s really going on here. They all know, I think. So, how does the death data come from covid-19 patients? Are they pure death because of covid or because of their own severe diseases? Why do those doctors and nurses die in the era of pandemic? Are they exhausted because of hazmat/Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) they wear so that they die? It’s because they seldom to breath, eat and drink when they wear it. Is it true about the issue that there’re certain amount of money as compensation to the family of somebody dead because of covid? Do those doctors and nurses or hospital staff offer certain money to the family who lose their members of family which are actually not as corona patients?

Is it pandemic or PLANDEMIC?

Next, let’s move to other point. Are Corona patients really taking in long queue? What kind of healing method and medicines do Covid-19 get? Why does Trump become positive in covid-19 and go to public a week after that meanwhile all we know is corona patients have to be at home for two weeks? Why do demonstration in Jakarta because of Omnibus Law, Jerinx’s demonstration against Rapid and Swab Test for administration requirement in Bali and demonstrations against Covid, mask and lockdown worldwide happen with none of them die exactly at that place?

C’mon, people in German, Canada, Hungary and England do protests against Covid 19, mask and lockdown, but, we don’t see them dead at that place! C’mon, Covidiot or Covid sheeple all over the world including in many offices, why don’t you realize this fact?

If Indonesian Police do rapid test, they only make them do rapid under 100 people. Meanwhile all we see is people do demonstrations in many cities which are more than 100 people. What kind of fitna do you wanna impose on them again? Wanna show them as covid-19 patients to the media? Wanna make Indonesians scared again? Hmm…

I notice some people try to show illogical things of Covid. Some videos of Mr.Dharma Pongrekun, Vice Leader of BSSN, The National Agency of Code and Cyber on Youtube, especially about his interview to a priest. Ya, he said that he believed more to God’s Protocol than Health Protocol. Mr. Gatot Nurmantyo also said that muslims shouldn’t have distance to do shalah in public masjid. Jerinx, a Bali musician also did protests against Swab and Rapid Test as a requirement especially for pregnant women who have to bear babies. Maybe these three people show us some signs in Indonesia to the public, but less people here realize. Thanks also to Mr.Terawan who supports the idea of Prof. Nidom to drink herbal .

Ya Rabb, please stop this.

By the way, I still believe that no matter how hard they try to destroy this nations and other human population worldwide, there is God, Allah SWT who is extremely more powerful than every global elites. Allah SWT’s power is bigger than global human depopulation agenda based on covid-19.


What’s behind this phenomenon?

There’re global elites who want human population decreased based on Georgia Guidestone. They impose Global Depopulation Agenda. I believe that some 5G towers are put worldwide meanwhile Governments ask their people to stay at home, total lockdown. Inna Lillahi. The transmission of 5G tpwers can be used to provoke severe disease from covid-19. Covid-19 is probably Corona Virus Disease made in 2019 or Certificate of Vaccine Identification made in 2019 based on programme called ID 2020. Promoted by super crazy Bill Gates and global elites, especially Rockefeller. Vaccine with RFID chip to control the live and death of human will be injected to human worldwide. The economic system will be down so that the use of digital money, crytocurrency or bitcoin can take place worldwide. It’ll be down by cutting the demand and supply chain because many people don’t buy or trade and become hungry at home.

They will make people all over the world can’t move and do daily activities because they have to fulfill the requirements to get a document based on free covid document or corona vaccine document. Free covid document is done through rapid test, swab test or covid-19 vaccine. In Europe, there’s a plan to make health passport where European can go to other countries based on vaccine information since this covid-19. Ya Rabb, Oh God, would You destroy rapid test, swab test&covid-19 vaccine through nasal spray or injection everywhere on earth? Please, God, it’s just… stop this crazy thing to happen!

Special thanks to many writers of these websites and some online users I put here. The more I read, analyze, think critically, do contemplation and do shalah with istighfar before and after reading what you all write, the more I believe that many illogical things happen in Covid-19 phenomenon:

A)Online Users

B)Top Five Global Conspiracy Websites so far, IMO:

Other good source :

Judy Mikovits, “Plandemic” on Youtube. It’s hard to find her real video on Youtube, now. I listened to it around April 2020.

My deep gratitude to you all because of sharing truth. May Allah SWT bless you all. Take a bow~


          I don’t know exactly, God, but I find so many illogical things of this “plandemic”.

I find many illogical things of Covid-19. Let’s start from this website.


Source :

  1. Jika Yayasan Bill and Melinda Gates menyuap Pemerintah Nigeria untuk memberikan vaksin, mengapa mereka melakukan hal itu? Apakah mereka memiliki tujuan terselubung untuk memberikan vaksinasi? Jika vaksin itu bagus untuk kesehatan, tidak perlu ada suap, bukan? Nigeria akan dengan sendirinya meminta vaksin dari yayasan ini. Why do they bribe? Do they have hidden motivation for this?

sumber: situs Great Game India berjudul “Bill gates offered 10 million bribe for forced vaccination in nigeria”

2.Why does CDC delete online post of airborne transmission of Covid? Is it just a draft suddenly uploaded at that time? Airborne transmission doesn’t exist? Jadi, transmisi virus melalui udara dihapus karena memang tidak ada? Situs CDC mengatakan bahwa ada revisi pernyataan bahwa virus covid menyebar melalui udara adalah draf yang diupload tanpa diketahui sebelumnya.

Meanwhile, Indonesian media said that CDC admit that Covid 19 can’t spread by airborne. Media di Indonesia mengatakan sebaliknya bahwa covid bisa menyebar melalui udara.

3.If BSN sets national standard of mask, does it mean that Governmentof Indonesia try to liberate people from using non medical mask? Jika BSN membuat standar nasional masker dan melarang masker nonmedis, berarti untuk apa orang Indonesia menggunakan masker nonmedis? Apakah mereka ingin memberikan tanda untuk masyarakat agar tidak lagi menggunakan masker nonmedis/kain/scuba karena “drama” Covid sudah selesai? Bukannya dulu membolehkan masyarakat pakai masker nonmedis dan banyak kawasan menuliskan kawasan wajib masker?

4.Why does EU has roadmap of passport with vaccination report from the study phase until the probable implementation phase? Mengapa Komisi Uni Eropa membuat pertemuan vaksinasi global dan membuat persyaratan paspor dengan adanya vaksinasi? Apakah mereka ingin membatasi perjalanan warga uni eropa sehingga mereka tidak bisa pergi kemanapun bila tidak divaksin?

  • 5.Why does European Union use dangerous GMO  to prevent coronavirus? Do they want to make European dead and full of sickness? Mengapa Uni Eropa menggunakan cara untuk mencegah coronavirus dengan mengembangkan GMO sementara GMO itu berbahaya untuk manusia?

6.Why does EU in September 2019, before covid in 2020, hold global summit of vaccination? Do they wanna inject vaccine for all European? What if there’s something behind global vaccination summit which takes place in September 2019, some month before the emerging of covid 19? Renewed vaccination agenda in 2030? Does it have correlation with global depopulation agenda 2030 by injecting vaccine?

Mengapa masyarakat Uni Eropa harus divaksin dan vaksin harus dipromosikan dengan menggelar pertemuan bersama tingkat Uni Eropa? Agar vaksin mau diterima masyarakat padahal sebelumnya banyak masyarakat yang tidak biasa dan enggan divaksin?

  • 7.Why does Maria Von Kerkhove (head of the World Health Organization’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit,) say that asymptomatic transmission is very rare meanwhile we know that some months before medias say that people without symptoms can transmit covid virus? Mengapa media di Indonesia dan banyak website lainya menyebutkan OTG dapat mentransmisikan virus sementara terdapat keterangan berbeda dari salah satu pejabat di WHO yaitu Kerkhove bahwa kasus transmisi covid melalui OTG itu sangat sangat jarang?

8.If the mortality rate is not even 1% of human population worldwide, why should information on medias show the horror of covid every little second in our life? Why should this website exist and show the global report from 2019 n-Cov which show that covid is not as horror as media say? Mengapa ada website yang dapat menunjukkan bahwa covid-19 ini tidak sehoror yang diberitakan yaitu bisa langsung membuat manusia mati? Apakah sesungguhnya coronavirus ini sebenarnya tidak seberbahaya itu? Jika tidak berbahaya, mengapa manusia harus mengikuti protokol kesehatan dan mengikuti PCR test saat PCR test tidak dapat digunakan mengecek infectious disease?

  • 9.Why should do these countries import medical test kits for covid in 2019 meanwhile media say that covid 19 cases happen in 2020? Do some people create this plan pandemic? Mengapa harus ada import alat uji covid-19 sejak tahun 2019 sementara pemberitaan covid baru ada di awal Januari/Maret 2020?

Mengapa Indonesia mengimpor Medical Diagnostic Test instruments and apparatus untuk covid sejak tahun 2019? Why does Indonesia should import Medical Diagnostic Test instruments and apparatus for covid before pandemic happen in 2020? Why?



10.Anti Lockdown or anti covid 19 Protest happens in many countries where there are crowd. They don’t die suddenly after gathering together meanwhile Health Protocol said that there shouldn’t be crowd.  Mengapa ada protes anti lockdown, anti vaksin dan anti paspor yang mengharuskan vaksin covid dan mereka tidak langsung mati sementara katanya covid tidak boleh ada orang berkerumun karena bisa tertular virus? Mengapa mereka tidak langsung mati atau sakit?

11.People without symptomps doesn’t need to be tested. Orang tanpa gejala tidak perlu dites.

12.If human are immune after vaccine whether they are injected or through nasal spray, why should people still use mask and use hand sanitizer? So, they are not immune AT ALL! Vaksin yang diinjeksi dan disemprot ke hidung adalah berbahaya. Bagaimana jika Nasal spray of vaccine SANGAT BERBAHAYA.? Mengapa harus divaksin sementara harus tetap pakai masker dan cuci tangan pakai hand sanitizer? Berarti gak ada gunanya, vaksin diberikan ke tubuh manusia?  Why should people get vaccine meanwhile they still use mask menahwile they say that vaccine gives guarantee of immune system? Why does China promote weird Nasal Spray of Covid-19 Vaccine?

Situs berjudul “China Nasal Spray Vaccine Covid 19”

13.Jika vaksin tidak berbahaya, mengapa ada penyakit polio yang banyak terjadi di Sudan karena vaksin oral polio? Why should a polio outbreak happen in Sudan after getting vaccine right just after they said that polio eradication is done in Africa?

Situs berjudul “Vaccine Polio Outbreak”

Why should a India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) stop the partnership wth Bill Gates when he promotes vaccine? Mengapa ada pihak di India yang memutuskan kerja sama pemberlakuan vaksin oleh Bill Gates?

13.Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation adalah donator dan penggerak vaksin di seluruh dunia melalui Global Fund for Children’s vaccine. Mereka memberikan bantuan dana untuk pengembangan vaksin di berbagai negara. Dana Rockefeller diberikan ke GAVI. Itu artinya adalah di balik pengembangan vaksin, ada dana dari Global Elite yaitu Rockefeller. Why should Bill and Melinda Gates foundation promote vaccine all over the world and push so hard to inject it to all children on earth? Rockefeller foundation gives fund to GAVI for 16 countries including Indonesia’s%20Vaccines%2C%20a%20new%20financing%20resource,new%20and%20under%2Dused%20vaccines.

14.Why should a cell of embrio of aborted baby is inserted into vaccine for human? Bukankah hal yang menjijikkan jika tubuh manusia diisi oleh sel embrio bayi dalam vaksin? Mengapa manusia mendukung vaksin covid 19?

15.The latest investigation showed that pandemic of covid is created by global elites. The next purpose is nanochip  in vaccine and global cry[tocurrency and 5G towers. Tujuan sesungguhnya dari pandemi covid yang diadakan dengan inkonsistensi laporan kesehatan, riset dan pemberitaan media adalah vaksin dengan nanochip, tower 5G dan penggunaan cryptocurrency secara global

16.Bill Gates uses vaccine fund for his investment. All he thinks is based on economy, not health interest for human population. Vaksin adalah investasi ekonomi oleh Bill Gates melalui the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

Corona virus sudah dipatenkan di Amerika Serikat. There’s a patent of coronavirus since 2018. Why should a dangerous virus get a patent in 2018?

17.Vaksin dapat menyebabkan autism. Reaksi setelah divaksinasi adalah (Reacton after vaccination are these symptoms) Chronic immune weakness termasuk infeksi telinga, Encephalopathia, Screaming/Cri encéphalique , Autoimmune diseases, Trigger of allergies such as asthma, skin allergies, hay fever, food allergies, Seizures, Epilepsia, Autisme, Sleeping sickness, Sleep reversal (child awake and restless at night, sleeps during the day), Personality changes, behavioral disorders, difficult to train, hyperactive children, ADS, apathy, Diabetes, Multiple sclerosis, Delay of development of language dan SID (Sudden infant death).

18.Madagascar has organic solution for covid from wormwood. In Indonesia, we use herbal remedies especially from ginger. From the research of Prof. Chaerul Anwar Nidom of Airlangga University.Empon-empon khususnya dari Jahe dan temulawak adalah obat herbal penangkal corona.

19. Slovenia stops lockdown. Slovenia secara umum mendeklarasikan dirinya sudah tidak melockdown negaranya.  Ya, Slovenia’s able to declare the end of lockdown. Jika Slovenia saja tidak lagi melakukan lockdown, mengapa harus ada PSBB di Jakarta atau mini lockdown atau pembatasan sosial di berbagai kota di Indonesia?

20.Belarusia tidak melakukan lockdown meskipun media asing mengatakan adanya kasus corona di negara ini. Belarusia doesn’t do lockdown. Their citizens must be super glad without fear&worry of rapid test, swab test, vaccine and lockdown!

Mr. Alexander Lukashenko, I salute to you not to impose lockdown and make corona virus cases in your country eventhough you get offer of foreign aid. Saya salut dan hormat dengan anda, Mr.Lukashenko, Presiden Belarusia, yang menolak tawaran bantuan asing untuk membuat kasus coronavirus dan lockdown di negara anda. May God bless you.

Situs berjudul “Belarus World Bank Coronavirus Conditions”

21.Petisi di AS untuk investigasi Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation yang melakukan kejahatan terhadap kemanusiaan melalui vaksin. Petition in US to be against Bill Gates crime against humanity. Thanks, God, many people do it to fight against global elite.

22.Bill Gates refuse to vaccinate his children. Jika Bill Gates tidak memvaksinasi anaknya, mengapa manusia lain memvaksinasi bayinya berdasarkan program imunisasi?

23.Bill Gates mendukung lockdown dan mengunci pergerakan manusia dengan menggunakan ID khusus melalui vaksin. Hal itu sangat melawan naluri manusia untuk bergerak, bersosialisasi dan bertemu manusia. Bill Gates supports lockdown and RFID vaccine through nano chip to lock people in the era of covid 19.

24.Is plandemic actually a plan from covid 19 phenomenon? Apakah virus covid adalah direncanakan?

(Versi bahasa Jerman) Kumpulan dokter yang menyebarkan ke publik bahwa covid 19 adalah hal yang direncanakan oleh Rockefeller, Bill Gates dan kelompok global elites lainnya. Germany version of “Doctors for Information” which publishes articles to state that Covid is planned.

25.Why does World Bank has document titled “COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Program (SPRP)” until March 31, 2025? How do they know that 31st of March 2025 is the end of Covid pandemic? Mengapa World Bank memiliki dokumen berjudul Program Respons dan Persiapan Strategi Covid 19 hingga 31 Maret 2025? Bagaimana cara World Bank meramal bahwa covid 19 akan berakhir di tanggal tersebut?


Mari Pak Terawan, Pak Jokowi dan Pak Doni Monardo dan lain-lainnya yang mengetahui soal apa yang sesungguhnya terjadi di balik pandemi covid-19 ini, mari kita sudahi semua ini. Tidak perlu ada rapid test, swab test dan vaksin. Tidak perlu ada persyaratan masuk kantor dan menggunakan peswat dan KA dengan rapid test. Jika ada flu, istirahat saja di rumah. Mari sudahi mengorek orek hidung manusia dengan peralatan swab test. Swab test really disturbs noses, don’t you all understand? Let’s just stop rapid test, swab test, lockdown, PSBB, Health Protocol and covid vaccine.

Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb

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