My Respect for You, Mr.John Magufulli

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb

Dear Late John Magufulli, Ex President of Tanzania…

I am an Indonesian who still respects you and have my tears falling down today in my weekend.

Thanks for standing for us who are against false narrative and negative effect of lie of covid 19. Something I believe as fitnah dhuhaima. Thank you for saying something right. No matter how New World Order elites try to to attack you in this era of fitnah dhuhaima, I will still respect you. I hope that it is false and just false flag operation. I hope that it is something because of heart failure as tanzanians know. I hope that no evil global elites really ki*l him. Ya Allah SWT Ya Rabb, I am sorry that I do less to end this dhuhaima fitnah, not as big as he does. May God put you in the best place and forgive all of your sins.

I have said my condolences to my online friend from Tanzania. As an Indonesian, please accept my deep condolences, dear africans and Tanzanians.

Untuk seorang pemimpin yang begitu lantang melawan New World Order dan elit-elit global. Untuk pria yang berdiri demi menjaga warganya dari lockdown, health protocols dan tes swab atau rapid antigen tusuk tusuk hidung. Untuk para warganya yang berlari menangis dan turut berduka untuknya. Terimakasih, Tuhan, telah memunculkan pemimpin baik sepertinya dan seperti Mr.Lukashenko-Belarus yang menolak coped 19.


By the way, my dream comes true. I can be in several online groups against new world order, against covid 19 and against global earth. It becomes true. Thank God.

Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb

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