Some Fascinating Videos

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb

Bismillahhirrahmaanirrahiim. Sometimes, I saw many fascinating videos with different contents. Personally, today, I’m just really interested in everything related to universal and local, especially, javanese spiritualism. Do any muslims see the little similar values or methods between javanese or universal spiritualism and tasawuf? Just really into it. In this corona endemic issue, I finally come to conclusion that this is so full of fitnah era where people follow the health protocols guideline look less clever, somehow. Religious people seem to play along with this NWO agenda and may take benefit through it, especially in Indonesia. Some three spiritual videos here make me do contemplation a lot. There are many wrong things most religious people, including muslims, do. They make me look into our inner side as human.

Spiritual Journey : A Long Way To Go

1.Gigi Young

I know this video from an online user, @fawzans5. Then, I check on her youtube and here I see some videos of her. Whenever I see this woman talks, I feel so jealous with her amazing blue eyes! Fascinating explanation! Her blue eyes remind me with british nurse whom I knew, Mrs. C, who sees so illogical covid things. She was expelled. She sued and won, but it seems that life doesn’t give her back. I hope good things happen to her and her kid who fights so hard for the truth against covid and unnecessary medicines. Somehow, I always wonder how those foreign people get that incredible colour of eyes. Gigi Young tells a lot about her opinion about spiritualism and interdimensional power. I can understand what she tries to explain and it makes me wanna know more about spiritualism and meditation. In Islam, in my opinion, we have islamic style of meditation where we pray to Our God, Allah SWT, especially from four methods called dzikir , especially ancient dzikr in thariqat (Idk too much about ancient dzikr, actually), fasting especially sunnah fasting, shalat prayer with high focus or khusyu state and or Qiyamul Lail or Tahajud Prayer or night prayer. I’m just somehow used to spend time with ‘the usual dzikr I know’. This woman explains clearly. In her video, I forget the title, she said that today’s life makes us have quick habit. Think fast, Eat fast, Finish working fast. Talk fast, Walk fast. We do it too fast. Something isn’t good to do, sometimes, isn’t it? I just love the background of her plant in her house. Sometimes, I wonder when will I have such bedroom with little ornaments of plant?

2. Kaum Hadi

He is a local artist, a person who plays indonesian, especially javanese puppets in a stage. Somehow, his explanations makes me do contemplation a lot. He said in a video, I forget the title, he said that based on Serat Centini as he said, javanese people even sold goods just once every week or follow the local javanese days of calendar. Now, they forget their God. Then, I checked on some websites. It was true. The today’s life make human need material things a lot. New World Order era through evil global elites who had made us as this. Some months ago, he also mentioned that how can those religious people even builds their own big religious buildings and even lock it. Eventhough, in reality, it may be happening not in all places. Why don’t they open their religious buildings to let their ummat pray so that the corona goes away? His critics makes me do contemplation a lot. Somehow, what he criticizes religious ummat is true. Most muslims also obey this dajjal style of shalat and look like drug addict by having addiction of covid vaccine injection and having desire to get third dose of vaccine, don’t they? He also criticizes us, muslim ummat, who prays by saying it too loudly. Why? God listens, anyway, eventhough human don’t speak at all. I did contemplation a lot about what he said. It is true, somehow. Hagzhagzhagz. There is no need to pray so noisy as those muslims in islamic khutba we see on TV. Shout so loudly. Kejawen people in daily life are somehow near with christian and catholic values, but I don’t know why there are some parts of kejawen value which seems have intersection value with tasawuf. It also relates with us who are descendants of javanese people who know or have accustomed to javanese customs and traditions, but somehow reminds me of the existence of black magic through paranormal or indonesians called it, “Dukun”. Pada akhirnya, Islam menyempurnakan kepercayaan ini, menurut saya, sih.

3. Padepokan Syattariyah Gus Rofik

Gus Rofik said in other video that thariqat is actually a method to be closer to God which has sanad until Rasulullah. Wallahualam. Long years ago, I don’t really understand about what kind of it, Thariqat/Tarekat. They seem as islamic ummat who said dzikr a lot. Now, I know the meaning from some videos in this Youtube channel. What makes me shocked and laugh is this video where he said, “Happy Freedom Days, dear baby fish. In the name of human generation, I would wanna say sorry if we do something wrong to you all.” It may look funny because his kids see it and free them to the river, but I see very deep meaning from this action. He shows his kids to be kind to every creature on earth, including fish. He also stated in other video about the existence of “Wali Allah”. Wali Allah are kind of super religious people who have almost no desire to dunya things. Wallahualam. They are way above and wiser than ulama. So, from this video, I conclude that there are three groups of those who have better understanding of Islam. First are ustadz or kyai. Second is ulama. Third is Wali Allah. Eventhough @fawzans5 stated that there’s something wrong on Wali Songo story, but I take a look into the existence of Wali Allah today, not Wali Songo. Is it true that Wali Allah today coming from Indonesia who live to take care all countries on earth? They are so close to God.! Wow! They even try to balance this world from destruction. Somehow, I wonder, can I meet and have a talk with ‘a member’ of Wali Allah? And do they have spiritual, more than religious power, to stop destruction from evil global elites? And why do they wanna save all countries on earth?

However, these three people make me do contemplation a lot eventhough as a muslim, I still believe in Islam. Islam is different than ancient or local belief, such as kejawen or universal spiritualism. Islam is something which complements and finishes the last guidance of life since Al Quran comes the last, after Bible or Torah. Their critics and da’wah or explanation are so incredible. It makes me so shocked and interested to know more since I enjoy seeing the inside value of it.


4. Dean Schneider

This white fur’s tongue! Hagzhagzhagz

This guy, who goes to Africa, seems to love his animal friends so hard. Magnificient! In reality, I don’t think so that I will leave my life for animals as he did. I don’t know how it feels to hug very big fur as his friends. My shahaba or far away friend or unofficial brother, “Jacob Sam Vavarovski”, once sent me some videos about him so that I check on his Youtube. I sometimes mock him that those videos are Dean Schneider and him. Meanwhile, in those videos, there are actually Schneider and lion. It means that I said that “Jacob Vavarovski” is the lion. Hagzhagzhagz. Schneider should be careful since we know how is the death of Steve Irwin. Lions are still lions. They bite and hunt. They are liar animals who live in jungle and they still prey. Not literally a friend in our human life. Eventhough based on his videos, I see such a close care between human and animal. By the way, as somebody who reads so many dangerous substance of immunization for kids, I never agree with anybody who injects vaccine to animals. Let them live free and calm in jungle without fake medicine as animal vaccine. (

5. Erwin Winarno

Lontar is one of ancient scripture in Indonesia. I’m sure that only less people here in my country who can see, read and understand it, including Erwin Winarno. He even travelled to some countries to do research and take care ancient indonesian scripture in Netherland’s museum. Amazing! This video doesn’t remind me with this corona dajjal 666, but I see different side of it. He said that human should stop eating food before they are full. No cold drink also after we got to eat. This lontar said that human shouldn’t eat too much. It has relation with adab of eating of Rasulullah. Rasulullah said that we should stop eating our food before we are so full.

6. Lena Danya

This video looks so true . So real. That’s why I adore it. She has amazing skill as an artist. I never know that painting artists also use youtube. I could feel her enthusiasm. I’m just so glad to see her natural painting which looks like the scenery I see in daily life. It lives my life. Refresh my energy. Makes me relax more.


This is awesome! How can a person do this to the cat? I may seldom listen to any kind of music since I see the haram aspect thing of satan worshipper, but this person, makes me shocked for a while. How can he/she play piano and the button makes the cat body move but the cat really enjoys it? The cat didn’t feel angry or disturbed at all or jump out from that piano because it disturbs his sleeping and his body, of course.Haburu may say, “I am in heaven. Please, don’t ask me to wake up, please.” Hagzhagzhagz. I don’t know why this cat looks like sleeping after listening to those melody. He seems enjoy it.

8.Bumiku Satu

I have never thought that “lerak” is a substance of soap, which is more natural soap. Not as the usual soap sold for us. Nature,somehow, shows the beauty coming from God or heaven itself. Human even can grow fruits from the seeds of fruits. How can we be not thankful to God who has created earth with plant? Love nature~

Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb

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