Kemurahan Hati

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb

            Recently, I stuck in a moment when I saw many episodes of two foreign dramas which were made in a country in European continent. In a country where Islamic kingdom was alive. I probably realize that many things in entertainment industries have so much satanic values in subliminal messages they make including in drama, but I see less satanic values in these dramas. Those two dramas, made in 2018 and 2017, mainly talk about advertisement and food. Eventhough I’m aware of many haram and liberal values on their plot story. In these cases, I would clap for some poetic conversations made by the writer! The plot story for audiences who love seeing romantic dramas are incredible. Anyway, the two dramas made me think about how much the sacrifice done by businessmen or businesswomen today to handle their companies/business in plandemic era whether they are from low, middle or high class private sector with few, hundreds, thousands or million workers. It is about how much debt they have today, the decision to lay off or still pay full or half some employees, how big their loss of benefit they have had around these two years 2020-2021 or how many agendas or future projects which should be rearranged or cancelled. Some months ago, my thinking just comes into those who are jobless, hungry or have such huge debts based on employee side, but when I see those two dramas in Youtube and other application with English subtitle, I also literally consider how much hurdles on shoulders of businessmen, businesswomen or entrepreneurs today. If they still try to survive with their business or companies today such as still give wage or bonus or employ workers eventhough they have bigger debt, it means that they have such big heart. I mean, kemurahan atau kebesaran hati untuk tetap bertahan di tengah situasi yang tidak mudah saat ini, terutama karena memikirkan para pekerja dan keluarganya. Eventhough, this plandemic has been set to be be over someday, In Sha Allah. Aameen. In the end, May Allah SWT, The Only Almighty God who has 99 amazing names, help them.

Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb

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